Five Go On An Adventure….

It all started with a throw away conversation with my ‘bestie’C, one evening over a cup of coffee (well, okay, it may have been a glass or two of rosé)

We were talking about our ‘to do before’ lists. C has recently completed a sky dive which was on her list. I mentioned that I wanted to climb to the top of the Eiffel Tower. I’ve been to Paris a few times but, being terrified of heights,  and usually having a small (ish) child with me to whom I could apportion the blame, I have never plucked up the courage to do it.

Now, C’s current mission in life is to take me out of my comfort zone under the pretence of helping me overcome my fears.

So far she’s ‘made me’ do the London Eye ( yes, I know it’s not at all scary really. Though I do think the champagne at dusk flight  helped calm the nerves)



A ‘flight’ on the Emirates cable cars


And speed down the zip wire at the Eden Project


So we decided that we should have a girly weekend in Paris, and tick another thing off my list. We thought we’d go for a couple of nights.

Fast forward to an evening with the rest of the ladies in our little circle, a couple of bottles of prosecco, and hey presto ! The other 3 thought it would be a great idea to join us. And, while we’re at it… Why not go for 5 days?

So diaries were checked, child and grandchildren care discussed and we agreed on the beginning of April. What better than  Springtime in Paris?

Then due to a little glitch, I. E. We’d all forgotten that Easter  was so early this year and aforementioned children and grandchildren would still be on holiday,  We had to meet again to rearrange another date.  So child and grandchildren care sorted we were all sorted for the week later. And. Oh! It just happens that it will be my birthday while we’re away. So even better Springtime AND my birthday in Paris!

Off we all went to research travel and accommodation, agreeing to meet up again in a couple of weeks.

Now, one of our group, M, is a highly efficient and organised person, and before we knew it she had called a planning meeting. So we all head to T’s house armed with prosecco and rosé ( it’s compulsory. No wine, no entry!)

when we get settled we discover not only has M looks into a few things she has researched

  • Flights
  • Accommodation
  • Paris Passes

And has put together a ‘suggested itinerary’ We are buying her a large red, white, and blue umbrella!

2 weeks later at the next get together we discover M has booked:-

Flights and accommodation.

Lunch at The Eiffel Tower and dinner on a Seine River Cruise booked on my birthday. This day is now lovingly alluded to as ‘Fat Friday’

Paris Passes to include a wine tasting trip on the Saturday, followed by visit to The Louvre on Sunday.

Passports have been handed over to her to be checked and double checked. The only one who needs a new one is……..M!

Lifts to and from the  airport have been secured.

On Saturday evening, over dinner, I mentioned I had looked into going to The Moulin Rouge, but wasn’t sure how people felt about it as it can be quite pricey. The general consensus was that you couldn’t go to Paris without seeing a show there. So we all went off to see what deals we could come up with. By yesterday afternoon M had booked us all in with tickets for the 9 pm show on Saturday complete with half bottle of champagne each. Saturday is now known as ‘Smashed Saturday’!!

So now all we have to do is decide what to take to wear. Somehow I don’t think one piece of hand luggage each is going to cut it!

So, look out Paris…… Here we come!



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