The Dragon’s Loyalty Award


I am honoured, and  a little surprised to have been nominated for this award. I’m always surprised. In fact amazed that anyone reads my inane ramblings.

I was nominated by the very lovely Mummy Shambles  , who apparently knows lots about dragons. I , on the other hand, know very little about them. Apart from that song Puff The Magic Dragon, which I had to be reminded off. And come to think of it, I’m pretty sure it’s lyrics aren’t as innocent as I thought they were as a young girl!

So what is this award all about anyway?

Well, it was created to acknowledge those lovely fellow bloggers who loyally follow, read, and make kind comments about our literary masterpieces  mad ramblings.

Are there any rules I hear you ask 

Of course there are!

  1. You accept the ward, (graciously and humbly) The sending of cake has been mentioned by previous recipients, but gin is equally acceptable
  2. Reveal 5 facts about yourself ….. Preferably true ones!
  3. Nominate 5 people for the award

So now, just for the facts…. And I apologise in advance if they are boring!

Fact One

I almost gave up nursing, 6 weeks before my finals, to become a prison officer. My tutor wouldn’t accept my resignation….. Luckily

Fact Two

Ian Gillan, lead singer of Deep Purple,  let me sing one of his songs at a concert I was involved in. And introduced me on stage

Fact Three

There are 3 poor children wandering around somewhere who are named after me. All of them decided to make their appearances into the world unexpectedly and in the wrong places, which happened to be where I was working at the time. I’m not a midwife and they were emergency deliveries! They were all amazing experiences, but not enough to make me want to be a midwife

Fact Four

I was involved in a serious road accident on the way home from a Rod Stewart gig ( yes, I am old!!) luckily I wasn’t badly hurt, but for months afterwards if Rod Stewart came on the radio I would faint

Fact Five

Two years ago I directed and took part in a production of Calendar Girls, and posed nude…..with a couple of badminton racquets (in cases) and a bunch of strategically placed sunflowers!…. For a charity calendar which  we sold at the performances

And now for more nominations……

*cue flashing lights, dramatic music, and over long pauses between each one*

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So, there we are. Over to you ladies x