Do you really want this job?

I was talking to a friend the other day about an upcoming interview they had been invited to attend. They were both excited at the prospect of a new job, bringing with it new challenges which they felt they needed, and terrified at prospect of being interviewed, as they hadn’t had one for some considerable time.

Throughout my career I have had many interviews. In fact between 2001-2009 I had to reapply and be interviewed for my job at regular 18 month intervals as we went through various management and organisational restructures!

And, as I moved up the managerial ladder I was heavily involved in interviewing prospective staff. In my last NHS post was responsible for the selection and recruitment for all temporary staff except doctors… So going through applications, assisting with short listing, and sitting in on interviews with various professional leads when it wasn’t nurses being interviewed. And I loved it. I love people watching at the best of times, but interviews are fascinating. They bring out either the best, or the worst in people.

I recall interviewing a lady for a theatre team leader’s post. We asked her something about working under pressure and she proceeded to tell us that the last place she had worked at was like working in a ‘mash tent’ the anaesthetist and I couldn’t look each other. AND she was wearing scuffed white stilettos. I couldn’t take my eyes off them.

I have met all kinds of people. The shy, timid ones who you had to coax one syllable replies out of, but actually were brilliant practitioners, to the brash, over-confident ones who had been everywhere and done everything, but when it came to scratching under the surface were not as competent,or confident, as they would have you believe.

So, anyway, from my experiences, I thought I would jot down and share a few useful (maybe) tips in case anyone had an impending interview on the horizon, and yes I have encountered all of the following…….

1. Do not be late. Yes, I know that sounds obvious!
2. Remove your sunglasses. And I don’t mean just put on your head
3. We know you’re nervous, but a limp, sweaty handshake is not good
4. Turn off your mobile phone!
5. Ditch the chewing gum!
6. Dress appropriately. Jeans and trainers may be fine in certain situations, but not all. And if you have to wear them, find a pair of jeans that aren’t frayed around the hem. And clean your trainers!
7. And ladies, if you’re going to wear a dress please make sure it’s not so short that when you sit down and cross your legs the interviewers will not be in fear that they are about to witness a ‘Sharon Stone’ scenario
8. Do not use foul language
9. Do not “bad mouth” your current/previous employers
10 Try and know a little bit about the job you’ve applied for
10 Do not ever address the interviewer as darling/love/sweetheart/babe. if you can’t remember their name a simple good morning/afternoon will suffice nicely thank you

And finally

14 As you leave the interview do not, on any occasion, attempt to air kiss your interviewer!!

So there you are. Follow these useful hints and you’ll have the job in the bag!

Don’t you just love people? I do


Who ? Me?

Imagine my surprise and delight when I received a tweet a couple of Sundays ago from the lovely Tracy…..She of mummyshambles fame… say she’d nominated me for a liebester award. “Oh brilliant”, I hear you all say….followed by “A what award”?   


A liebester award is given by fellow bloggers to bloggers who aren’t up there with the “big guys”  We’re the ones who tootle along, sometimes somewhat intermittently, and are always amazed that anyone ever reads our scribbling so. Well, I know I am. And I’m always very flattered when  people like Tracy and others like her, who produce fab writings, take the time to read my inane ramblings.

So what’s next?

Well, it’s now customary for me to pass the love, and nominate some other fellow bloggers for their own liebester award. Answer 10 questions that Tracy has set me, and then set 10 probing questions for my nominees.

So. Here we go

Why did you start a blog? It all started as a bit of a joke when I told a group of ladies I regularly tweeted how many tweets I’d posted. One of them said I could write a book, and then suggested we start a collaborative blog. Which we did,  Thetwitterhousewives Then a few months later someone said I should set up my own blog, and after a lot of persuasion and encouragement I did. And found I really enjoyed writing. Even if it is a little sporadic at times. But I’m a firm believer that if it doesn’t flow naturally and quickly it shouldn’t be written

Favourite quote of all times ? “We ourselves feels that what we are doing is just a drop in the ocean. But the ocean would be less because of that missing drop” Mother Teresa  

Favourite post you’ve written .. The last piece of the jigsaw . It was both difficult and cathartic to write, and I shed many tears whilst doing so

People, dead or alive, you’d  like to meet?  Oh, only 5?! Okay. 1. Stephen Fry. Love his humour and intelligence 2. Audrey Hepburn. She’s just my idol. Beautiful, talented. Funny. 3. David Cameron. Just to tell him what an appalling job he’s doing with the NHS, and try to find out some of the reasoning behind the decisions. 4.Wallis Simpsom. Have always been fascinated by their story, and would love to hear her side. 5. Jennifer Saunders. Because she makes me laugh. Lots.

Do you believe in ghosts ? I didn’t until I started nursing. Working in an old hospital one night an elderly lady called me and asked for a cup of tea. When I took it back the ward was empty, and the bed made. I ran out and asked the other nurse where she’d gone. She said there’d never been anyone in that ward. She asked me what she looked like. I described her and she said “oh that’s Mary. She used to be the laundry lady here years ago. She died about 15 years ago but always comes back when a news nurse starts here” that made me shiver again!

Has anybody ever told you that you look like a celebrity, and who? Have been told I looked liked Sharon Vaughn. I can’t see it. At all, though I wouldn’t mind being married to Trevor Eve!

If you were a character from a movie who would you be? Holly Golightly, in Breakfast at Tiffany’s.. Who else?!

What book would you want to be stranded on a desert island with ? Dear Scott Dearest Zelda  The love letters between F Scott Fitzgerald and his wife Zelda 

 Name your guilty celebrity crush  Robert Downey Junior!

Happiness is……Being surrounded by my children and grandchildren, and having the house resounding with laughter and happiness. Or. A deserted beach at the end of a stressful day

Right so now on to the important business of the evening

*cue subdued lighting and appropriately dramatic music*

and the nominees are………..

awrightdisaster  The honest and amusing account of the dating misadventures of a middle-aged Goddess

Chitchatandpics a lovely blog from a fab British lady living in France. Wonderful photographs

iirritatinglyoptimistic A mum of boys who writes about her life, and, sometimes!, her holidays

40yearolddomesticgoddess  A mum of teens whose blog never fails to make me smile  

grenglish Wife to a Greek man, rolling her eyes and writing all about it

feltarighttit  an open, honest and moving blog about living and recovering from breast cancer

dorsetdivorcee  A divorced mum of a teen and a tween, taking on the world

recoveryfromcml   Another very honest blog about living and recovering from cancer. This time Chronic Myeloid Leukaemia

And now here are your 10 questions:

when you were growing up what was your dream job?

Jack of all trades or Master of one?

Your favourite piece of music, and why?

Fondest  childhood memory?

Book or Kindle?

if you could speak another language which would it be and why?

If you had to choose to live without one of your 5 senses, which would you give up?

Craziest thing you’ve ever done?

How did you choose your Twitter name?

If you could live anywhere in the world where would it be?

So, now all you have to do is:

Thank the person who nominated you and link back to them

Copy the Liebester image from their site and paste into yours

Answer their questions… They’re not to hard or probing!

Choose people to nominate  ( should be blogs with less than 200 followers)

Ask them some probing questions

when you’re finished leave them a message on their blog or Twitter to let them know they’ve been nominated

So, thanks very much Tracy. And keep on blogging everyone. I love reading them