I’ve not lost a son, I’ve gained a daughter!

I was sorting through some photos last night, and came across the ones of my son’s wedding.

Remember all that time ago when I told you about his  engagement  and early wedding plans? If you hadn’t seen…  And were vaguely curious, it’s all in an archived blog called “Here’s one I wrote earlier’

Well, it took place last May so A and L don’t  even come under category of ‘newly weds’, but I never got round to writing about it. Until now

So how did it all go I hear you ask.. Oh you didn’t? Well, I’ll tell you anyway while you’re here!

1. The Hen Party

This was arranged by the chief bridesmaid and L. I was invited, though said I was happy to stay away if L would have preferred me not to witness the shenanigans! But she assured me she wanted me to be there. We were originally going to a seaside town for weekend with meal, and an evening with The Dream Boys…. However, this was changed as her mother didn’t think she’d like that. So a sophisticated spa weekend in a 4 star Bristol hotel was organised, which the Mother of the Bride still didn’t attend, as she thought it was a waste of money. And it was only sophisticated until the girls hit a night club after an evening of downing shots in the hen’s hotel room. And before you ask, no, I didn’t join them!


2. The Groom’s Party

A, not content with having just his brother as Best Man, opted for the more American tradition go having another 3 ‘Groom’s Men’ We went  from full top and tails  ( he does live on cloud 9) to rather nice black suits and skinny ties! Now , bearing in mind the economic climate and budgets (sorry, didn’t mean to swear) you’ll be thinking they all trotted off to Burton’s to hire said suits?….Yes?…..No!  Think the most expensive, exclusive menswear outfitter in our local city, and you’d be on the right trail. So, after conning  persuading  his father to accompany him on the shopping trip, deposits were paid on suits. We drew the line at paying for his friend’s suits… But I did end up buying Master Chef’s.  I did, however, dare to go to Burton’s where I found shirts, waistcoats, and skinny ties, for half the price of a shirt in the other shop. And no one was any wiser on the day



3. The Father of the Bride

I think the less said about him, the better. Other than, on the evening of the rehearsal, while the wedding party were enjoying a post rehearsal dinner, he rang L to say he wouldn’t be coming ……..luckily she had already decided he wouldn’t be giving her away. A was furious, and the waitresses were so worried something terrible had happened between the bride and groom, they put out an emergency call to the wedding co-ordinator to come and find out what was happening!

4. The day before

K and I were in charge of decorating venue… And in good “Don’t Tell The Bride” style we planned and did it all without K or A knowing what we were doing. K dashed to me after dropping her boys off to school and we loaded two cars full of goodies, including 2 bay trees, and set of to spend the next 3 hours decorating. We then spent the next 24 hours with our fingers crossed that the happy couple would like it. Happily, they did.



Then, as the bride and one of the bridesmaids were staying at our house that night, it was home for a mad cleaning session

5. The morning of the wedding

After a fairly iffy week, weather wise, Saturday emerged with blue skies and very warm sunshine. I started  the day by leaving everyone sleeping, and going for a walk on the beach.  A little peace and solitude before the rush began. Then back for a quick visit to my friend’s nail studio for a little beautification!!

Once I got back we were into full swing of preparations. Girls everywhere in various states of undress, hairdressers, florists, photographer, more makeup than I’ve ever seen outside the Lancôme counter, champagne, smoked salmon bagels, small excited boys, groomsmen arriving to collect buttonholes. And a nervous looking bridegroom sitting outside the back gate after being banned from entering garden. (He’d stayed at his house with his brother)



The girls had downloaded a video showing them how to apply their makeup. It was fascinating to watch them



The photographer was brilliant. We were barely aware of her, and she wandered off and took some lovely, and unusual photos. And captured some beautiful moments


Then the moment L appeared at the top of the stairs in her dress. She looked stunning, and I had felt myself welling up. I also felt sad her mother wasn’t there to share it. She hadn’t been involved with the preparations really….but was at the wedding


A few more photos, another glass of calming champagne, and it was time to leave for the venue



6. The rest of the day

Suffice to say, it was a beautiful day.  L walked in on her own, and looked poised… And stunning.


The ceremony was held in an elevated gazebo in the grounds. A and L looked relaxed and happy throughout it.


K’s youngest son managed to get himself in most of the official photos, including the register signing




The cake cutting…..




The First Dance…….



Oh….. And he made a speech!!……



All in all , it really was a wonderful day.  Heartfelt vows, Family we’d not seen for ages, good friends, fab food, a couple of dodgy speeches, lots of dancing,  much laughter, a few tears, and to top the weekend off breakfast with the happy couple the next morning.

And, of course, many, many happy memories to treasure


Thank you for indulging me


4 thoughts on “I’ve not lost a son, I’ve gained a daughter!

  1. That’s a lovely post about what must have been a wonderful experience for all of you. I just love how your grandson stayed ‘close to the action’ at all times 😉


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