How Kind

So today is National Kindness Day.. I’ve been touched by a number of acts of kindness over the years, Hopefully, in some small way, have offered to kindness to others.  Both professionally and personally,

One  particular episode that comes to mind, is when my daughter and I were planning her wedding. K wanted to have cup cakes. They were just beginning to become popular in the UK. So, after doing the rounds of cake makers and seeing the prices they were charging for them, we decided to make our own. Her colour theme was deep pink and ivory so she wanted pink smarties to decorate the cakes. Do you know how many pink smarties are in a tube? On average 3…. When you’re looking for them. We couldn’t find any loose ones anywhere either. So I thought I’d ring Nestlés and see if they could point me in the right direction. After explaining to the lady who answered the phone, I was then put through to a number of departments, none of which could really help. Eventually I spoke to a very pleasant lady who promised to look into to it and get back to me. I explained the wedding was in 2 months. Gave her my name and address, and telephone number. “Leave it with me” she cheerily said, and put the phone down. We never did hear from her, and as the wedding approached and it was time to think about making the cakes, K resigned herself to not having smarties and started looking for an alternative.

A week before the wedding I arrived in from work to find a note from postman saying he’d been unable to deliver a parcel and it was at the local office ready for collection. The next morning I went to collect it, and was completely baffled as I hadn’t ordered anything.

Once home I opened the mystery parcel. And what did I find?

A great big bag of pink smarties with a compliment slip from the lady I’d spoken to a few weeks ago!

There was no indication of how much they cost, or how to pay.

I rang the company and, after a number of false starts, was put through to the lady I had originally spoken to

I thanked her profusely, and asked how much I owed and how to pay

“Oh no Mrs.S ” she said ” these are with the compliments of Nestlé, and we hope your daughter has a wonderful wedding. Just send me a cake”

How lovely was that?  And as well as having enough to decorate 240 cakes, there were plenty left over to put a dish on every table




There have been other times that have stuck in my mind. The time I had just finished working 8 nights, as a student nurse, and was going home to see Mum and Dad. I caught the train, and settled down with a book to pass the 40 minute journey……I must have dozed off and I woke up at Waterloo!! I was completely panic-stricken. The station staff were wonderful,I explained what had happened.

They  gave me a free travel voucher, and vouchers for coffee and sandwiches, put me on the next train back to my original destination, and spoke to the guard….who checked on me regularly, and made sure I was awake and got off at the right station. Not sure that would happen today.

Then earlier this year, my fab ladies organised an amazing surprise birthday party. I had absolutely no idea. They spent months plotting and planning.  And with the help of  my lovely children managed to access my twitter and FB account to find people to invite, including old work colleagues, my best friend from my training days, my wonderful Twitter Housewives, and so many others, I’m sure I didn’t speak to them all.  And the cake was out of this world!  I will never ever forget it.image


I’m so lucky to have such amazing friends and children

So, this brings me up to date, and an act of kindness yesterday that backfired on me!

As some of you may know, as well as nursing, I also work as a trainer. Delivering training all over the place. I was working fairly locally yesterday, and when I arrived at my destination there wasn’t anywhere to park, so I parked outside the front door, and told the receptionist that if it needed to be moved to come and give me a shout.

I was setting up when one of the delegates looked out of the window, and said that there was now a vacant parking space, and would I like him to move my car. I thanked him and said “that’s very kind, but its ok, I’ll do it in a minute” He insisted that he would do it, and some of the other delegates told me how he often moved their cars for them when they hadn’t been able to park.  So I handed over my keys and off he went. He came back after 5 minutes and showed me where he’d parked the car.

3 hours later and I’m ready to head home. I head off to the car. But when I go to unlock it I discover it has been left unlocked all afternoon, and the driver’s side window had been opened….and left open! but there was worse to come.It was cold and pouring with rain, and I was keen to get home. I started the engine. Only to find that my ‘car park attendant’ had left the car in gear, something I never do. I suppose I should have checked. BUT not only that…..he hadn’t put the hand brake on properly. So as I turned on the engine my dear little car jumped forward…straight into a brick wall!! I could have wept!Luckily there isn’t too much damage done, but will need some bodywork repair. Luckily I know ‘a man who can’ I know I should have gone back in and spoken to him, but I didn’t. I guess it was my fault for agreeing to let him park, and then not checking the car was out of gear before I fired her up. The saving grace was that it wasn’t my beloved Molly, but my ‘sensible’ car.

I know he did it out of kindness…..but I’m sat here wishing he hadn’t

Hey Ho!