Here are few of my favourite things…….

Hello, its been a while since I’ve posted anything…

Had a bit of a  shitty crappy  upset weekend, which we’re not even going to talk about.  But the love and support I had from my twitter family was wonderful, and made me realise that there are some lovely people out there

Anyway was chatting on text  to one of good Twitter friends, and saying I’d not blogged for a while, and that I’d sort of lost my mojo…..She was my inspiration to start blogging in the first place…..and then a text pinged back

“Why don’t you blog about your favourite things, even if its just a list it will cheer you up”

So here’s my list of some of favourite things…. and it’s in a fairly random order as I’m typing as I think, and you all know my thought process leaves a lot to the imagination at times!

  • Snowdrops – The first flowers that appear in my garden

images (37)

  • Long walks on the beach –  everyone who knows me will know this


  • Clouds – They fascinate meIMG_2084
  • My fabulous daughter and sons – I know technically they’re  not “things”
  • My wonderful grandsons who bring me so much joy and happiness
  • Baking – I’m known as the cupcake queen at home!IMG-20120813-00713
  • Molly Mazda – my “mid-life crisis car”IMG_0985
  • Shoes – OMG can’t believe they’re not first on the list!IMG_0997
  • Champagne – preferably with good friendsIMG-20120519-00055
  • Sunsets


  • Rainbows


  • Four-poster beds – cos every girl should feel like a princess once in her lifeimages (38)
  • Sunrises – preferably over the oceanIMG_1202
  • The steps where I go to think


  • The cats – who rule the house


  • My music collection
  • Books – I have hundreds and can’t bear to part with any of them
  • Having my nails done 


  • My “ladies” – with whom I have great times


  • Being the first person to walk in fresh snow
  • And last but so not the least – my fabulous Twitter family

So this is just a small sample of some of my favourite things….. and of course, the very wonderful Mrs F was right!!

Thank you for indulging me


10 thoughts on “Here are few of my favourite things…….

  1. Ahhhhh this is awesome and I so love those steps where you think too! When I was little I lived in Menorca for a little while, right near the sea, and there were really high steps that gave a fab look out onto the island and the sea and I used to go there to think! Your steps look like mine! Lovely post and so glad you’re jumping back in, great to see you back me darling. Hope you’re OK 🙂 xxx


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