The Twitter Housewives

Hello.. Mrs P again

“Grandma I think you’re lying to me”… this is what I was greeted with as my youngest grandson woke up during his last “sleepover”. Wondering what on earth was coming next, I braced myself for what I could possibly lied to him about…in fairness the list was endless.”

“You told me my brain would fall out if I picked my nose” “Yessss” I reply.( Well, I am a nurse. I know about these things). “Well”, said very indignant 4 year old “I’ve been picking my nose for ages now and my brain HASN’T fallen out”

How do you answer that?

I have 2 grandsons, K’s children, E is just 6 and O is 41/2. I didn’t want to be a grandmother. Infact I couldn’t have thought of anything worse when K announced she was about to start producing the next generation of the family


I didn’t want to be a grandmother…

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