Nannie Knows Best……Sometimes

My mobile rang the other day, and on answering, I was greeted with

“Hello Mother, how are you?”

No, not one of my offspring wanting something (they still call me mummy if no one’s listening or they want something!)

No, it was JJ, our beloved ex nanny, who is now far too old to be calling me Mother! But who, despite having left us over 16 years ago, is still an integral part of the family.

It started me thinking about our foray into the world of nannies…..luckily it wasn’t quite “The Hand That Rocks The Cradle”, but we did have a few moments!!

images (39)

There was never any question of my not returning to work…much as I loved my children I have never been cut out to be a stay at home mum. Domestic Goddess I am not!  And I do have the utmost respect and admiration for all those wonderful stay at home mums, just not for me, I would have gone totally mad.

We were lucky enough to be in a position that allowed us to take on a nanny, rather than send our “little darlings” to a childminder, and because, in the early days , I worked shifts and weekends, it felt the way forward. The children would be in their  own homes and their lives would be less disrupted.

Having worked up until 10 days before our daughter was born,( I was working in a GP Practice, so if I had gone into labour there would have been plenty of people around to help!!) apart from a brief return to the Practice when K was 12 weeks old..and she did go to a childminder, which wasn’t very successful,… I too was a stay at home mum for 2 years, getting heavily involved in Mother and Baby groups Continue reading


Ooh, I’ve just seen my words in print

When I first started blogging it was with a group of fab ladies I met on Twitter, and was the result of my dedicating my 20,000th tweet to them.

After much teasing about my twitter addiction we laughed and joked that we could have written a book, which quickly became ” lets set up a collaborative blog”…..This was instantly taken up one of the ladies already an established,and fantastic blogger…. and within a few days there it was…our very own blog!!

If you’ve not seen it, do go and visit. There are some great posts on there by the fab ladies… . Nothing like a bit of quick PR!

Anyway, one day, one of my posts was visited by the very lovely Charlie Plunkett, who was very complimentary, and then contacted me to tell me about her latest project. Compiling a book on parenthood, with contributions from parents, grandparents, and experts. And then she asked me if I would like to contribute!!

All I had to do was to write a piece on parenthood in 100 words… no more, no less.

Well I have enough trouble keeping to 140 characters in a tweet and keep it sounding reasonably sensible…alright, alright no sniggering there at the back. And everyone who knows me knows that auto correct has waged a one man war against me and my tweets, but that’s another story.

Anyway I digress. I told Charlie I would think about it and get back to her. to be honest with you I really didn’t think I could write anything good enough to go in a book, even though I had previously written for a professional publication.. but that was “work”

I couldn’t think of anything to write, let alone in 100 words, so I put it away and forgot all about it for a few days.

Then one morning, when I was at my daughter’s and my little grandsons were at school and pre school.I was sat at the kitchen table laughing about something one had told me.. and suddenly the thoughts came flooding forth. What my grandchildren meant to me ( and for those of you who have read some of my earlier blogs, you’ll know I never wanted to be a grandmother!) I grabbed pen and paper and jotted then down. Counted and recounted, put them into what I thought was a semblance of order and emailed to Charlie before I could change my mind. I fully expected a “thank you, but no thank you” from her, and was both shocked and amazed when she came back and said she would love to use them for the book. I was bursting with pride!!

I then submitted another piece on another aspect of parenting, and once again Charlie very kindly said she would use it in the book.

I thought I would share this one with you. It’s only 100 words on the subject, but as I wrote it and the memories behind it came back to me I was could feel the tears welling up.. of both sadness and happiness. And if you are a parent, or have raised a teenager, you may have had similar experiences or emotions. so here it is….

Unconditional Love

You raise them and nurture them

Protect them, whilst allowing them freedom to practice flying

You gently tell of trials and pressure they may come across without destroying their innocence

You hope they make wise choices, best decisions, take the right paths with the right people

and when they don’t?

When they cause sleepless nights, Endless tears

When they scream they hate you

When they shout YOU don’t love them

When you love them….but you don’t like them

What do you do?

You wait. Quietly. Pray. Hope.

Weep silently

And they come back

Stronger. Closer. Wiser. Contrite. Loving

Yours Again

I feel incredibly honoured and privileged to have been a part of these wonderful project. The book has a host of wonderful contributions from some fabulous people, and all beautifully and sensitively compiled by Charlie

But, I am slightly biased, so please don’t just take my word for it…. go and buy it. It’s available as a Kindle book or, for you more traditionalists as paperback. You’ll love it


Here are few of my favourite things…….

Hello, its been a while since I’ve posted anything…

Had a bit of a  shitty crappy  upset weekend, which we’re not even going to talk about.  But the love and support I had from my twitter family was wonderful, and made me realise that there are some lovely people out there

Anyway was chatting on text  to one of good Twitter friends, and saying I’d not blogged for a while, and that I’d sort of lost my mojo…..She was my inspiration to start blogging in the first place…..and then a text pinged back

“Why don’t you blog about your favourite things, even if its just a list it will cheer you up”

So here’s my list of some of favourite things…. and it’s in a fairly random order as I’m typing as I think, and you all know my thought process leaves a lot to the imagination at times!

  • Snowdrops – The first flowers that appear in my garden

images (37)

  • Long walks on the beach –  everyone who knows me will know this


  • Clouds – They fascinate meIMG_2084
  • My fabulous daughter and sons – I know technically they’re  not “things”
  • My wonderful grandsons who bring me so much joy and happiness
  • Baking – I’m known as the cupcake queen at home!IMG-20120813-00713
  • Molly Mazda – my “mid-life crisis car”IMG_0985
  • Shoes – OMG can’t believe they’re not first on the list!IMG_0997
  • Champagne – preferably with good friendsIMG-20120519-00055
  • Sunsets


  • Rainbows


  • Four-poster beds – cos every girl should feel like a princess once in her lifeimages (38)
  • Sunrises – preferably over the oceanIMG_1202
  • The steps where I go to think


  • The cats – who rule the house


  • My music collection
  • Books – I have hundreds and can’t bear to part with any of them
  • Having my nails done 


  • My “ladies” – with whom I have great times


  • Being the first person to walk in fresh snow
  • And last but so not the least – my fabulous Twitter family

So this is just a small sample of some of my favourite things….. and of course, the very wonderful Mrs F was right!!

Thank you for indulging me

The Twitter Housewives

Hello.. Mrs P again

“Grandma I think you’re lying to me”… this is what I was greeted with as my youngest grandson woke up during his last “sleepover”. Wondering what on earth was coming next, I braced myself for what I could possibly lied to him about…in fairness the list was endless.”

“You told me my brain would fall out if I picked my nose” “Yessss” I reply.( Well, I am a nurse. I know about these things). “Well”, said very indignant 4 year old “I’ve been picking my nose for ages now and my brain HASN’T fallen out”

How do you answer that?

I have 2 grandsons, K’s children, E is just 6 and O is 41/2. I didn’t want to be a grandmother. Infact I couldn’t have thought of anything worse when K announced she was about to start producing the next generation of the family


I didn’t want to be a grandmother…

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