Welcome to my world


I’ve finally done it! after weeks of faffing around thinking about it

So here’s my blog!

I’m a 50’s something grandma who thinks she’s still 25. Well they do say growing old is compulsory but growing up isn’t…and that’s the philosophy I’m following

I’m mum to 3 ‘grown up’ children and 2 adorable little boys

But if you’re expecting to see a grandma like thisImage

you’re going to be disappointed. I’m more likely to be wearing these


And doing thisImage

So welcome to my ramblings

I may make you laugh, often, Think, sometimes. Even shed a tear, occasionally

I hope you enjoy


15 thoughts on “Welcome to my world

  1. loving it already 🙂 have to ask how does K react to the Come on Eileen Song ? does she run for cover ?,29hours of labour wowwww Iwouldnt come out either till they stopped singing , only saying that cause she is now married as you say with 2 beauties of her own xxx


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